Jura E6 vs D6: Which One Is Best For You? [Pros & Cons]

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jura e6 vs d6

Here is our comparison review on the Jura E6 vs D6.

In this comparison review, I will be discussing which is the best espresso machine between the Jura E6 and Jura D6. Both these machines are exceptional Jura models, however, they are different from each other.

The Jura E6 and Jura D6 are going to be suited for different people. So it will be fairly simple to decide on which machine you would like to purchase by the end of this review.

So, let’s get started:

  1. Jura E6 vs D6: At A Glance
  2. Jura E6 Overview
  3. Jura D6 Overview
  4. Jura E6 vs D6: Features Compared
  5. Jura E6 vs D6: The Winner

Jura E6 vs D6: At A Glance

The first thing you will notice about the Jura E6 and Jura D6 is that they are completely different in how they are designed. They are also suited for different people and have different purposes too.

Although the Jura E6 looks more appealing from its design and features, you are going to be looking at a higher price. This is why the Jura D6 should be taken into consideration in terms of its price and functionality.

These machines are both great to have for your home, however, if these machines are not what you’re looking for then make sure to check our review on the Jura E6 vs Jura E8.

Jura E6 Overview

Jura E6 Platinum

The Jura E6 is a premium Jura machine that has a good amount of functionality with its high quality TFT digital display. This machine is great for someone who wants to brew basic beverages but also has the latest of Jura’s technology. The Jura E6 is considered to be a minimalistic version of the famous Jura E8 that everyone loves.


More programmability than the Jura D6: The Jura E6 has a higher level of programmability in terms of coffee strength and water temperature. This allows you to brew stronger and hotter beverages than the Jura D6.

Larger bean hopper capacity than the Jura D6: Although the Jura D6 has the same water tank capacity as the Jura E6, the Jura E6 is able to brew more servings than the Jura D6 with its larger bean hopper capacity.

Comes with TFT digital display: The Jura E6 comes with its all new TFT digital display operated by buttons which is definitely an upgrade to the plain text display which the Jura E6 has. This makes it much easier when wanting to program and customize your beverages.

Newer coffee grinder than the Jura D6: The Jura E6 has the new and improved AromaG3 grinder while the Jura D6 still uses the previous AromaG2 grinder. The AromaG3 grinder is quicker and more precise at grinding than the AromaG2 grinder.


Cannot use pre-ground coffee: You’d think that because the Jura E6 is classified as a premium Jura machine it would be able to use pre ground coffee. Unfortunately, it does not so you’ll have to use whole bean coffee when purchasing this machine or the Jura D6.

More expensive than the Jura D6: The Jura E6 is quite pricey when comparing it to the Jura D6 since it’s about two thirds more expensive. It’s not too badly priced when comparing it to other premium Jura machines but the Jura D6 is definitely a better priced machine.

Jura D6 Overview

Jura D6 Black

The Jura D6 is considered to be the updated model of the Jura Impressa C60 and C65 espresso machines. This machine is designed to be easy to operate with its two adjustable dials and simple plain text display. Although this machine may look outdated, it is not aimed to be luxurious but rather budget friendly and provide basic functionality.


More affordable than the Jura E6: If affordability is the most important aspect that will influence your buying decision then the Jura D6 is something to consider. Choosing this machine over the Jura E6 will save you around $500.

Same water tank capacity as the Jura E6: The Jura D6 has the same 63.6 oz water tank as the Jura E6 which means you can brew similar amounts of servings before having to refill the water tank.

Very simple to use: The Jura D6 is one of the only models to have a plain text display. The display may seem old fashioned but with its adjustable dials, it’s extremely easy to program and navigate through different beverages.

More compact than the Jura E6: The Jura D6 looks like it would be bulkier than the Jura E6 but it’s surprisingly lighter and smaller. The Jura D6 is slightly shorter and less in depth than the Jura E6 which may save you a bit of kitchen counter space.


Milk system isn’t that great: The Jura D6 is going to have a higher price tag than the Jura E6 which means you should only buy the Jura D6 for specific features that the Jura E6 lacks. 

No TFT color display: The one thing that may turn some people away from the Jura D6 is its plain text display. If you enjoy your TFT digital display or large touchscreen then the Jura D6 is not what you’re looking for.

Jura E6 vs D6: Features Compared

jura e6 vs d6 features

Here are the features compared when it comes to the Jura E6 vs D6. I will list each feature and do a explain each feature between the Jura E6 and Jura D6:


Both the Jura E6 and Jura D6 have Jura’s phenomenal Aroma grinder however they are different to each other. The Jura D6 has the AromaG2 grinder whilst the Jura E6 has the all new AromaG3 grinder. The AromaG3 grinder is more precise and grinds the coffee beans more quietly when comparing it to the AromaG2 grinder. But both these grinders still make a fine shot of espresso.

Water Reservoir

The one thing that these machines have in common is their 63.6 oz water reservoir which is capable of brewing just under 64 single espresso shots. This water reservoir size is a good size for an espresso machine as it’s not too small and can still brew a large number of beverages.

Milk Frother

In terms of the milk frother, there is no other espresso machine that produces the best milk froth. I don’t think it matters which Jura machine you get as all the machines can make barista-style milk froth.

The Jura E6 has an HP1 milk system and has an interchangeable milk spout which the Jura D6 does not include. Unfortunately with the Jura D6, you will not get to experience true milk programmability like you can with the Jura E6

Cleaning and Maintenance

Both the Jura E6 and Jura D6 have integrated rinsing and cleaning programs which makes it easy to clean and maintain the coffee machine. Removable parts such as the milk spout are dishwasher safe which means it’s less effort to clean exterior parts. All that requires you to manually do is wipe the exterior parts manually with a damp cloth on your side for the Jura E6 and Jura D6.


When it comes to pricing, there’s quite the difference in pricing between the Jura E6 vs D6:

The Jura E6 comes at around $1500 whilst the Jura D6 can be bought for under $1000. So it’s obvious that the Jura D6 is the winner when it comes to affordability as this will make a huge influence on your buying decision. 

Other Features

Other features include thermoblock heating systems and interchangeable milk spouts:

The Jura E6 and Jura D6 are actually quite similar in terms of overall features. Both the Jura E6 and Jura D6 come with Jura’s Pulse Extraction Process technology which helps extract optimum flavor out of the coffee grounds. 

The Jura E6 and Jura D6 both also include 1 thermoblock heating system which ensures short consistent heating up times and heats up water when needing to make tea beverages.

The one feature that sets the Jura E6 and Jura D6 apart is that the Jura E6 includes an interchangeable milk spout in order to keep the milk spout of the machine as clean as possible.

Here is a table of the Jura standards for the Jura E6 and Jura D6:

FeatureJura E6Jura D6
Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.®)
DisplayTFT Color DisplayPlain Text Display
Grinder TypeAromaG3 GrinderAromaG2 Grinder
Thermoblock Heating System11
Interchangeable Milk SpoutHP1
Jura E6 vs D6: Features Table


Programmability allows you to customize your beverages or program the way your machine operates.

Both the Jura E6 and Jura D6 can program different levels of coffee strength, brewing temperature, and water temperature. However, the Jura E6 has a higher level of programmability than the Jura D6. The Jura E6 has 4 additional coffee strength levels and an additional level for the water temperature. When it comes to the actual brewing temperature, both these machines have 2 levels.

Here is a list of programmable features that the Jura E6 and Jura D6 have:

FeatureJura E6Jura D6
Specialty Drinks77
Compatible with J.O.E®
Rotary Switch
Programmable and individually adjustable amount of water
Adjustable Coffee Strength (Levels)84
Programmable Brewing Temperature22
Programmable Water Temperature32
Jura E6 vs D6: Programmability Table


In terms of design, I will discuss the dimensions, build quality, overall look, and how easy it is to operate them.

Both the Jura E6 and Jura D6 come in black, white or silver colors with an aluminium build. The Jura D6 may look bulkier than the Jura E6 but the Jura E6 is actually taller and longer in size. It’s also heavier than the Jura D6 which means that the Jura D6 is more ‘compact’ than the Jura E6.

In terms of ease of use, the Jura E6 is easier to program beverages as it provides you with a TFT digital display. This allows you to navigate through beverages and settings more visually. The Jura D6 has a plain text display which is also very easy to program beverages although you are only using two dials to operate the entire machine.

Here is a table that will best compare the Jura E6 and Jura D6’s size, and dimensions:

FeatureJura E6Jura D6
Weight (lbs)21.619.2
Width (inches)1111
Height (inches)13.813.6
Depth (inches)17.316.3
Bean Hopper Capacity (oz)9.97.1
Water Tank Capacity (oz)63.663.6
Jura E6 vs D6: Size and Dimensions Table

Jura E6 vs D6: The Winner

When it comes down to the Jura E6 vs D6, there is no clear winner. The reason for this is that these espresso machines are designed for completely different people. 

The Jura E6 is going to suit people who want a more premium end espresso machine that includes the latest of Jura’s features. It comes with its high quality TFT digital display, a better grinder, and a higher level of programmability.

The Jura D6 on the other hand is going to suit people who want a highly affordable Jura espresso machine that can brew your basic beverages. It has a decent level of programmability, budget friendly, and is slightly more compact than the Jura E6.

If you’ve read this comparison review and found that neither of these espresso machines is for you, make sure to look at our comparison review of the Jura C60 vs C65.