Jura C60 vs C65: Which One is Best for you? [Newer Alternative]

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Jura C60 vs C65

Here is our comparison review of the Jura C60 vs C65.

The Jura C60 and Jura C65 are espresso machines that are designed to be as user-friendly as possible. Both these machines are very popular but it’s important to explain the minor differences between these two.

It’s obvious that the Jura C65 is going to be the best between the two but that doesn’t mean you should choose that over the Jura C60. For example, the Jura C60 can sometimes offer better prices compared to the Jura C65 which definitely influences your buying decision.

But before you go ahead and buy one of these machines, let’s discuss the Jura C60 and Jura C65’s pros, cons, features, and alternatives:

Jura C60 vs C65: At a Glance

Both the Jura C60 and Jura C65 belong to the Impressa line which means that these two machines will actually be more similar than different. At first, you will notice that the Jura C65 has a newer and sleek-looking design compared to the plain black Jura C60. But they both have near-identical specifications on the inside. To find out all the differences between these two machines, make sure to look at our comparison tables for a better glance.

Jura C60 vs C65 Pros

Easy to operate and user-friendly: Both the Jura C60 and Jura C65 have a simple interface with two rotatable dials making it easy to navigate and program between drinks.

Large water reservoir capacity: The large water reservoir is a big upside to these machines which is capable of brewing up to 64 espresso shots.

Consistent brewing quality: The Jura C60 and Jura C65 have been praised for their consistent brewing quality. Sometimes espresso machines can brew bitter and inconsistent shots now and then but being a Jura, you will rarely ever have to deal with inconsistent brewing.

Tall adjustable brewing spout: The brewing spout of both these machines can adjust up to 4.5 inches tall which is able to cater for small travel mugs. This makes it much easier to alternate between large coffee and espresso drinks.

Jura C60 vs C65 Cons

Milk frother dispenser is placed inconveniently: The one inconvenient thing is that the milk frothing dispenser is placed on the right side panel. This means you’ll have to move your cup from the brewing spout to the milk frother when making a cappuccino every time.

Small bean hopper capacity compared to water reservoir: It’s great that the water reservoir has a large capacity but the bean hopper capacity needs to be refilled more frequently due to its small capacity.

Bulky design: If you are looking for a small and compact machine then consider another Jura. The Jura C60 and Jura C65 are quite bulky in size which means you’ll struggle to fit them on small counter spaces.

Large carbon footprint: Although the Jura C60 and Jura C65 have large water reservoirs, it does come with a price having quite a large energy consumption in comparison to a Jura A1.

Jura C60 vs C65: Features Compared

Here are some features that both the Jura C60 and Jura C65 have. There aren’t many differences but I will list the slight adjustments to the Jura C65 with these features:


Both the Jura C60 and Jura C65 have quite a bulky design which means that they won’t be ideal for small kitchen counter spaces. There isn’t much of a difference between the two however the Jura C65 has silver trims and side panels while the Jura C60 comes in plain black.

In terms of operating the machines, both the Jura C60 and Jura C65 have been designed to be as easy to use as possible. It comes with 2 rotatable switches allocated on each side of the panels. These are used to choose and program beverages, as well as adjust the milk froth texture.

Weight and Dimensions

Both the Jura C60 and Jura C65 have identical dimensions measuring 11” x 16.1” x 13.6”. In terms of weight, both these machines weigh above 20lbs. The Jura C60 weighs approximately 21.2lbs and the Jura C65 weighs 22lbs which gives the Jura C60 the upper hand in this aspect.

Jura C60Jura C65Jura D6
Weight (lbs)21.22219.2
Height (inches)13.613.613.6
Width (inches)111111
Depth (inches16.116.116.3

Built-In Grinder

Both the Jura C60 and Jura C65 have a built-in stainless steel conical burr grinder with up to 5 adjustable grind settings. Stainless steel burr grinders tend to grind coffee beans more precisely than a ceramic burr grinder. But the only difference between the Jura C60 and Jura C65 is that the Jura C65’s grinder is at a slightly different angle to make the grinding quieter.


Jura’s Impressa line was designed for simplicity. This means that the Jura C60 and Jura C65 can only brew your basic beverages including espressos and americanos. You can also make milk-based beverages such as cappuccinos, flat whites, and lattes. You will need to know how to make them as the Jura C60 and Jura C65 do not come with these preset drinks.

Milk Frothing System

Both the Jura C60 and Jura C65 have Jura’s Fine Foam Technology (FFT) feature that ensures high quality professional micro-foam. These machines live up to the standards of new Jura models however the only flaw with the milk frothing system is how it’s actually designed.

The design issue with the milk frothing system of the Jura C60, Jura C65, and Jura D6 is that it’s completely separate from the brewing spout. This means you’ll have to move your cup from the brewing spout to the milk frother every time you decide to make a milk-based beverage. 


Unfortunately there isn’t a high level of programmability but it’s enough to brew a great cup of coffee. The Jura C60 and Jura C65 both have up to 4 adjustable brewing strengths, 2 brewing temperatures, and an adjustable milk frother.

Water Reservoir

Both the Jura C60 and Jura C65 have impressive water reservoir capacities, being able to fill up to 64 ounces. This is great when needing to cater for other family members or for brewing frequently. Another upside to the water reservoir is that it comes with Jura’s CLEARYL blue filter which makes these machines’ maintenance a lot easier.

Cleaning and Maintenance

It’s not too difficult to clean the Jura C60 and Jura C65 but it’s definitely more manual than cleaning a smarter machine like a Jura E8. Many new Jura espresso machines come with automatic descaling functions. This will make life much easier to clean machines, unlike the Jura C60 and Jura C65. But it’s relatively easy to keep these machines clean once you get the hang of it.

Newer Jura Alternative: Jura D6

Jura D6 Black

The Jura C60 and Jura C65 are great machines but you might struggle to find them. Consider the Jura D6 which is a newer alternative that is almost identical to these two:

Unfortunately, both the Jura C60 and Jura C65 are older models which means you will struggle to find these Jura machines in stock. However, if you love the overall design and features then the Jura D6 is a great alternative. This machine is considered to be Jura’s upgrade of the Jura C line having newer features such as the Aroma+ grinder and its Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.®).

FeatureJura C60Jura C65Jura D6
Removable brew group
Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.®)
Compatible with J.O.E.®
Programmable and individually
adjustable amount of water
Adjustable coffee strength444
Programmable brewing temperature222
Programmable hot water temperature222
Specialty drinks777
Thermoblock heating system111

Jura C60 vs C65: The Winner

Both the Jura C60 and Jura C65 are great machines and designed to be as beginner-friendly as possible. If you had to buy either of these machines, you’re still going to get great brewing quality results.

It’s obvious that the Jura C65 is going to be the winner of the two as it is the upgraded model of the Jura C60. The only major differences between the two are different color options and a quieter grinder.

If you’d like to look at newer Jura machines with more advanced features the check out our comparison review on the Jura E8 vs Jura S8.