108 Unique & Delicious Coffee Drinks You’ll Ever Taste

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108 Unique Coffee Drinks

If you’re like most people, you probably think of coffee as black or maybe with cream and sugar. But the world of coffee is full of possibilities, and there are 108 unique coffee drinks that you’ll ever taste.

From the traditional to the unusual, these coffees will give you a new appreciation for this old favorite.

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Traditional Coffee Drinks

1) Espresso

An espresso is a coffee drink that is made by forcing pressurized hot water through finely ground coffee beans.

This results in a very strong and richly flavored coffee drink that is beloved by coffee lovers everywhere.

However, there are many other unique coffee drinks out there as well, each with its own distinct flavors and characteristics.

2) Double Espresso

A double espresso is a coffee drink that is made from two shots of espresso. Hence, a double espresso.

3) Ristretto

Ristretto is an “espresso shot” of a more highly concentrated coffee. It uses the same amount of ground coffee, however, it is extracted with a finer grind and half the amount of water.

A regular espresso shot might look like a ristretto, but would actually be weaker and more diluted.

4) Americano

An Americano is a coffee drink created by adding hot water to espresso, yielding a beverage with the same strength as regular coffee but a different flavor.

The number of espresso shots and the amount of added water determines its strength.

5) Caffe Latte

A latte, commonly called just a coffee in English-speaking countries, is an espresso with added steamed milk.

6) Cappuccino

A cappuccino is an Italian coffee drink that is made with espresso, hot milk, and steamed milk foam.

7) Flat White

A flat white is a coffee beverage made from espresso and steamed milk. The milk is steamed until it is frothy and then poured into the espresso.

8) Cortado

A cortado is a Spanish drink that consists of mixing espresso with an equal amount of warm milk to reduce acidity.

The milk in a cortado is steamed, but not textured like many Italian coffee drinks. Cortados are most commonly served in Madrid.

9) Macchiato

Caffè macchiato, also referred to as espresso macchiato‎, is an espresso coffee drink that contains just a splash of milk- typically foamed.

In Italian, “macchiato” means stained or spotted. Therefore, caffè macchiato translated literally means stained coffee or marked coffee.

10) Long Macchiato

In Perth, a long macchiato is usually a double shot of espresso with a glass filled with textured milk.

Elsewhere, this drink is typically made with just a dash of textured milk, and most of the glass is left empty.

11) Cold Brewed Coffee

Cold brew coffee is usually made by steeping coffee in water for a number of hours at cold or ambient (room) temperature.

This slow, low temp brew makes cold brew taste very different from hot brewing the same type of coffee beans: mild chocolate and mellow, low acidity fruits are common flavor notes.

12) Iced Latte

An iced latte contains espresso, milk, and an optional sweetener. The milk is often frothed to give it the same consistency as steamed milk in a standard latte.

So what distinguishes an iced latte from coffee? An iced latte uses espresso which results in a stronger drink.

13) Cuban Espresso

Cuban coffee is world-famous for being sweet and strong with a syrupy texture. It’s traditionally made by brewing dark, finely ground coffee beans that have been mixed with sugar.

Cuban espresso is served in small cups like traditional Italian espressos.

14) Doppio

A doppio espresso is a double shot of coffee. To make it, baristas use twice the amount of ground coffee beans in a larger-sized portafilter basket.

This creates 60 ml of drink, which is double the amount in a single shot of espresso. The word “doppio” is Italian for “double.”

15) Red Eye Coffee

Making a red eye is easy when you know how. All you need is some brewed coffee and a shot of espresso, simple as that.

Most cafes will use double shots so it’s usually two parts espresso to one part coffee.

16) Marocchino

The marocchino is a delightful Italian drink made by layering rich cocoa powder, full-bodied espresso, and milk foam in a small glass.

You’ll be reminded of other familiar drinks that use similar flavourful ingredients, such as the mocha.

17) Galão

Galão is a traditional drink from Portugal that consists of foamed milk and espresso coffee. It is similar to caffè latte or café au lait but contains more foamed milk than coffee.

Galão is served in a tall glass instead of the smaller demitasse cup typically used for espresso-based drinks.

18) Long Black

A long black coffee is a style commonly found in Australia and New Zealand.

It has a stronger aroma and taste than an Americano because it’s made with a double shot of espresso or ristretto poured over hot water.

19) Vienna Coffee

Vienna Coffee is a delicious, cream-based coffee drink that is made by preparing two shots of espresso and infusing it with whipped cream.

The cream is then twirled and optionally topped off with chocolate sprinklings. Finally, the coffee is drunk through the creamy top.

20) Caffe Breve

A breve latte, or caffe breve, is a coffee drink made with one or two shots of espresso and steamed half-and-half instead of milk.

For those who don’t reside in the U.S., half-and-half is created by mixing together equal parts of whole milk and heavy cream.

21) Black Eye

The black eye coffee is a drink that consists of normal drip coffee with double shot espresso added.

The name for the drink supposedly originates from how it looks after adding the shots, however, we believe it comes from its intensely caffeinated nature.

Alcoholic Coffee Drinks

22) Irish Coffee

Irish coffee is a mixed drink made with whiskey, freshly brewed coffee, and sugar.

It’s served hot and typically has cream floated on top that acts as a barrier between the drinker’s lips and the strong alcohol flavor.

23) Espresso Martini

The espresso martini is a caffeinated alcoholic drink composed of espresso, coffee liqueur, and vodka.

It takes its name from the martini but does not include gin or vermouth as a true martini would.

24) Colorado Bulldog

The Colorado Bulldog is a mixed drink composed of vodka, coffee liqueur, and cream, garnished with a cherry.

It is often served over ice in a Collins glass. The Colorado Bulldog cocktail is very similar to a White Russian cocktail.

25) Cafe Amore

A Cafe Amore cocktail consists of cognac and amaretto that is poured into an Irish coffee glass.

It’s then filled with hot coffee, topped with whipped cream, and garnished with shaved almonds.

26) Caffè Corretto

Caffè Corretto, an Italian caffeinated alcoholic drink, consists of a shot of espresso with a small amount of liquor, usually grappa, and sometimes sambuca or brandy.

It is also known as an “espresso corretto” outside Italy.

27) Creamy Boozy Iced Coffee

A creamy boozy iced coffee is a coffee drink that combines the flavors of coffee and alcohol. It is typically made with a double or triple shot of espresso and then mixed with a flavored liquor such as vodka, rum, or bourbon.

The coffee and alcohol are blended together to create a smooth, creamy beverage that can be enjoyed cold or over ice.

28) Gin Espresso Martini

We searched high and low until we found a good recipe for a coffee martini made with gin, just for those who prefer it.

The Gin Espresso Martini is a coffee cocktail that combines the ingredients of Italian espresso, gin, chocolate syrup, and ice.

29) Espresso Summer Cocktail

An espresso summer cocktail is a drink that contains espresso, vodka, and iced coffee. It is served cold and is a refreshing drink for summertime.

30) Bavarian Coffee

If you’re looking for a festive coffee drink to make this winter, look no further than Bavarian coffee.

This delicious cocktail is made with brewed coffee, peppermint schnapps, cream, and coffee liqueur – everything you need for a cozy night in front of the fireplace.

31) Kentucky Coffee

Kentucky coffee is a type of coffee that is made with bourbon and to sweeten up the mix, a little honey liqueur is tossed in.

Make the drink more fun by adding some whipped cream, which will also tone down the flavors a little. Or leave it as is for a robust drink, especially if you used dark roast or bourbon barrel-aged coffee beans.

32) White Russian

A White Russian tastes like a Kahlua-spiked iced coffee with cream–it’s sweet, rich, and perfect for those that love desserts in cocktail form!

If you’re a fan of other dessert cocktails like an Espresso Martini, Irish Coffee, or Chocolate Martini, you’ll definitely enjoy this drink.

33) Black Russian

The Black Russian is a cocktail classic from 1949 and contains vodka and coffee liqueur.

It gets its name from the black color of the coffee liqueur, not because it’s actually from Russia (it was created in Brussels for an American ambassador to Luxembourg).

34) Amaretto

Amaretto coffee is a delicious way to enjoy your cup of joe. This recipe calls for hot coffee, amaretto liqueur, and whipped cream.

It’s similar to Irish coffee, but with an Italian twist! You can serve this drink as a nightcap or after-dinner dessert any time of year!

35) Maple Bourbon-Infused Coffee

A maple bourbon-infused coffee drink is a unique yet delicious alcoholic beverage. Using medium roast Arabica beans that are infused with chocolate, caramel, and fruit notes, buttressed by buttery maple and vanilla undertones.

Combined with the smokey smoothness of a signature bourbon, this coffee is perfect for any occasion.

36) The Bushwacker

The Bushwacker is a notoriously sweet cocktail made with rum, coffee and chocolate liqueurs, and vanilla ice cream.

It’s almost as famous as the soft, sugar-white beaches of Gulf Shores and the surrounding areas.

For those of us counting calories, you can still enjoy your favorite drink without all the guilt.

37) Espresso Margarita

The bittersweet combination of tequila, Kahlua, orange liqueur, and espresso in an Espresso Margarita creates a rich flavor that’s further enhanced by a delightfully frothy topping.

You might not think it would work well, but trust me – it does!

38) Kahlua Coffee

Kahlua coffee is the perfect drink to enjoy at any time of the day. It’s made with hot coffee and a shot of Kahlua liqueur, and you can add a drizzle of cream or whipped cream if you like.

If you’re serving it as a brunch drink, it makes an excellent alternative to the mimosa or Bloody Mary. Or, if you’re looking for a sweet dessert drink to finish off your meal, Kahlua coffee is perfection.

39) Spanish Coffee

Spanish coffee is made by lighting high proof rum on fire to caramelize the glass’s sugar rim. T

he flaming rum is then used to warm and flavor the coffee, Kahlua, and Triple Sec in the glass before being topped with whipped cream and nutmeg.

40) Long Island Iced Coffee

The Long Island Iced Coffee is a refreshing cold brew cocktail perfect for humid summer days.

This drink combines Irish Cream Liqueur, Kahlua, vodka, rum, tequila, and two cups of ice.

41) Cinnamon Whiskey Coffee Cocktail

This fabulous Cinnamon Whiskey Coffee Cocktail combines the best of both worlds: coffee and whiskey.

It’s made with brewed coffee, cinnamon whiskey, coffee liqueur, and heavy cream, so you know it packs a punch. And for an extra touch of sweetness, don’t forget the cherry on top!

42) Coffee Buzz Martini

The Coffee Buzz Martini is the best way to begin a night out. It’s easy to drink, tastes great, and will most certainly get you in the mood for a fun evening ahead.

This drink combines vodka, Irish cream liquor, Kahlua, simple syrup, and strong brewed coffee.

43) Espresso Negroni

The Espresso Negroni is a decadent, bold cocktail that pays homage to the original Negroni while giving the drinker an extra jolt of energy from the espresso.

44) Coffee Brandy Alexander

If you’re looking for a delectable yet sophisticated creamy cocktail, this Coffee Brandy Alexander is the drink for you.

A light coffee flavor and pleasant chocolate scent enhance the smooth cream and mellow brandy in this modern take on the classic beverage.

45) The Nutty Irishman

The Nutty Irishman is one of our top choices for a reason. It’s creamy, nutty, and spiked with Kahlua, Bailey’s, and Frangelico – plus it has enough caffeine to keep you going all day long.

You can enjoy it hot or on the rocks – either way, it’s sure to hit the spot.

46) The Siciliano

The Siciliano is an amazing aperitif that will delight your taste buds! It contains sweet vermouth, cold brew coffee, simple syrup, and club soda.

You’ll be amazed at how easy this cocktail is to make – it’s sure to be a hit with any crowd!

47) Calypso Coffee

Calypso Coffee is a layered drink made with rum, coffee liqueur, coffee, and pouring cream. It bears a resemblance to Irish coffee.

48) Iced Bourbon Salted Caramel Latte

An iced bourbon salted caramel latte is a coffee drink that combines the flavors of bourbon, caramel, and salt.

It is made by mixing hot coffee with bourbon and caramel syrups, then pouring it over ice and topping it with whipped cream and a sprinkle of sea salt.

Unique Coffee Drinks

49) Pumpkin Spiced Latte

A pumpkin spiced latte is a coffee drink that combines the flavors of pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice.

It is made by mixing hot coffee with pumpkin and spice syrups, then topping it with whipped cream.

50) Gingerbread Latte

Make a gingerbread latte with this recipe that calls for gingerbread syrup, brown sugar, granulated sugar, molasses, water, ground ginger, cinnamon, and vanilla.

Don’t forget the espresso and your choice of milk or alternative.

51) French Vanilla Cappuccino

A French vanilla cappuccino is a delicious coffee drink made with rich espresso, milk that has been gently steamed until it’s foamy, and sweet vanilla syrup.

52) Dalonga Whipped Coffee

Dalonga whipped coffee is a delicious and refreshing beverage made by whipping instant coffee powder, sugar, and hot water until it becomes creamy.

You can then add it to cold or hot milk. Sometimes, Dalonga whipped coffee is topped with additional coffee powder, cocoa, crumbled biscuits, or honey.

53) Affogato Coffee

An affogato or more traditionally known as “affogato al caffe” is an Italian coffee-based dessert.

It usually takes the form of a scoop of plain milk-flavored or vanilla gelato or ice cream topped with a shot of hot espresso.

54) Mochaccino

A mochaccino is a double espresso with chocolate milk or steamed milk and cocoa powder.

Mochaccinos and caffè mochas can have chocolate syrup, whipped cream, and add toppings such as cinnamon, nutmeg, or chocolate sprinkles.

55) Bulletproof Coffee

If you’re looking for an energizing morning cup of coffee with some extra benefits, look no further than bulletproof coffee.

Made with just grass-fed butter, MCT oil, and regular old coffee, this drink has been shown to help people feel fuller throughout the day while also providing a long-lasting source of energy.

56) Turkish Coffee

Not only are the coffee beans in Turkish coffee grounds to a far finer degree, but this unique type of coffee is also brewed by boiling it in an authentic cezve – a traditional copper pot.

When compared to other coffees, Turkish coffee boasts a more intense aroma and thicker consistency.

57) Moroccan Coffee

Traditional coffee gets a Middle Eastern makeover with this Moroccan spiced blend of dark beans and aromatic spices.

Although it’s quite popular in Morocco, many tourists miss out on trying it as it’s rarely served in street cafes.

Spiced coffee has a distinct flavor that is similar to regular coffee yet completely different at the same time. The pleasant smell and comforting warmth make it a perfect drink for any time of day or night.

58) Toasted Coconut Mocha

A toasted coconut mocha is a coffee drink that combines the flavors of toasted coconut, chocolate, and espresso.

It is made by mixing hot coffee with toasted coconut and chocolate syrups, topping it with some whipped cream.

59) Peanut Butter Mocha

Peanut butter mocha is a coffee drink that combines the flavors of peanut butter, chocolate, and espresso.

It is made by mixing hot coffee with peanut butter and chocolate syrups.

60) Starbucks Flat White

The Starbucks Flat White is an espresso drink consisting of two ristretto shots, mixed with velvety steamed whole milk and topped with a latte art dot.

Ristretto shots produce coffee that tastes sweeter and more intense than usual.

61) Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha

The perfect combination of Starbucks’ signature espresso, white chocolate sauce, and steamed milk is finished off with sweetened whipped cream to create this delightful drink.

62) Starbucks Cinnamon Dolce Latte

A cinnamon dolce latte is a delicious drink made by combining espresso, milk, and sweet cinnamon syrup.

You can make the cinnamon dolce syrup from scratch with only 5 ingredients – water, brown sugar, white sugar, cinnamon sticks, and vanilla extract. It’s easy to whip up and well worth the effort!

63) Espresso Con Panna

Espresso Con Panna, otherwise known as “espresso with cream” in Italian, is a type of coffee that has either one or two shots of espresso with whipped cream on top.

It is also referred to as café Viennois in France and the United Kingdom.

64) Jelly Coffee

Coffee jelly is a type of dessert that’s popular in Japan. It’s made with coffee, sugar, and other flavoring agents.

You can find it pre-made at most convenience stores or you can follow one of the many recipes available online to make it from scratch.

65) Toasted Coconut Shakerato

A toasted coconut shakerato is a type of coffee that is made by shaking espresso with milk and ice.

It is then poured into a glass and served with coconut milk and toasted coconut on top.

66) Tiramisu Coffee

Italian coffee just got a lot sweeter with our Tiramisu-flavored coffee. This aromatic drink tastes exactly like the classic Italian dessert, iced or piping hot.

Complete with bold flavors of chocolate and vanilla, undertones of amaretto, rum, and sherry create this exquisite blend that’s perfect for an afternoon pick-me-up – or two!

67) Orange Infused Cappuccino

An orange infused cappuccino is a coffee drink that combines espresso with steamed milk and has a layer of foam on top.

The drink is also flavored with orange zest, which gives it a refreshing taste.

68) Snickerdoodle Latte

A Snickerdoodle Latte is a coffee drink that combines the flavors of cinnamon and sugar, typically found in a Snickerdoodle cookie.

It is made by adding cinnamon and sugar to espresso and then topping it with milk foam.

69) Keto Cinnamon Toast Butter Coffee 

A keto cinnamon toast butter coffee is a coffee drink that combines the flavors of cinnamon and sugar with the added benefits of ketosis.

The drink is made by adding cinnamon and sugar to espresso and then topping it with butter and cream.

70) Peppermint Mocha

A delicious winter drink, peppermint mocha is an espresso combined with steamed milk and sweet mocha sauce.

Topped off with whipped cream and dark chocolate pieces, this beverage is perfect for getting into the holiday spirit!

71) Cardamom Latte

A cardamom latte is made by adding cardamom syrup to a hot cup, then espresso and steamed milk are poured in.

72) Spiced Apple Cider Latte

There’s nothing like a hot, spiced apple cider latte to get you through the winter. This comforting drink is made with espresso or dark roast coffee, fresh apple juice, cinnamon, pumpkin spice, and nutmeg.

And it’s topped with homemade vanilla whipped cream. So cozy up with a cup of this deliciousness – it’ll make you feel right at home.

73) Butterscotch Coffee

A butterscotch coffee is a coffee drink that combines the flavors of butterscotch and sugar.

It is made by adding butterscotch syrup to a hot cup, then espresso and steamed milk are poured in.

74) Eggnog Latte

For the eggnog latte, mix strong hot coffee, homemade eggnog, and nutmeg in a blender until frothy.

If you don’t have a blender, seal the mixture in a mason jar and shake it vigorously by hand or with an immersion blender in the pot.

Pour into your favorite mug and serve warm, topped with nutmeg.

75) Cashew Coffee

Love having a creamy coffee but don’t want the extra calories that come with it? Try cashew coffee! All you need is some raw cashews, high quality black coffee, and a powerful blender.

Just blend everything together until it’s frothy and voila- you have yourself a delicious cup of low calorie goodness. If you want it to be just slightly sweetened, add in a dash of honey.

76) Simple Iced Coffee

Iced coffee is made from regularly brewed hot coffee that’s chilled and then served over ice.

Cold brew, on the other hand, is created by steeping grounds in room temperature water to create a coffee concentrate that you then need to dilute with more water or milk before serving.

77) Frozen Caramel Latte

The frozen caramel latte is a sweet and refreshing drink made with two espresso shots, milk of choice, and homemade caramel sauce.

Make sure to blend these ingredients and then add ice to the beverage. Finally, top with a serving of whipped cream.

78) Iced Mocha

An iced mocha is a caffeinated drink consisting of espresso, milk, and chocolate that is served cold. The iced mocha is similar to the hot mocha or mocha latte except it contains ice cubes.

There are different ways you can include chocolate in an iced mocha such as using chocolate syrup as Starbucks does in their recipe.

79) Matcha Frappe

This matcha frappe recipe is easy to follow and yields refreshing results. To make it, simply blend together matcha green tea, milk, vanilla syrup, ice, and homemade Frappuccino base syrup.

Serve your creation with a dollop of whipped cream on top.

80) Smores Frappuccino

A delicious smores frappuccino is made with whipped cream infused with marshmallows, milk chocolate sauce, and a blend of vanilla, coffee, milk, and ice.

It is then finished off with more marshmallowy whipped cream and a graham cracker crumble.

81) Vietnamese Iced Coffee

Vietnamese iced coffee is a traditional Vietnamese coffee recipe using medium to coarse ground dark roast Vietnamese-grown coffee with a small metal Vietnamese drip filter.

To make the drink, hot water is added to the filter which then releases drops of hot coffee slowly into a cup.

82) Coconut Horatcha Iced Coffee

This cold and creamy coconut horatcha iced coffee is so delicious, you won’t believe it’s dairy-free!

It’s spiked with cinnamon, almond, and rich coconut flavor – the perfect summer treat.

83) Frozen Mexican Hot Chocolate Mocha

Frozen Mexican hot chocolate is a delicious drink made with sugar, milk, cocoa powder, cinnamon, and other spices.

It’s easy to make and can be even more delicious when you add espresso or dulce de leche/cajeta.

The next time you’re making this beverage, go ahead and make an extra portion to freeze for later so you don’t have to go through the hassle later down the road.

84) Iced Cream Egg Cafe au Lait

An Iced Cream Egg Cafe au Lait is a coffee drink that combines the flavors of creamy vanilla and chocolate with the warmth of espresso.

It is made by mixing hot coffee with cream and chocolate syrups, then pouring it over ice and topping it with whipped cream.

85) McDonald’s Iced Latte

The official McDonald’s Iced Latte Recipe combines espresso with cold whole milk, mixed with your choice of flavor at certain locations.

Wondering what’s the difference between an iced coffee and an iced latte?

While iced coffee is made with brewed coffee, McDonald’s Iced Lattes are made from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ espresso beans for a more rich and creamy taste.

86) Starbucks Caramel Frappuccino

A rich and creamy Starbucks Caramel Frappuccino is blended with espresso, caramel syrup, milk, and ice.

Once it becomes a deliciously thick drink, we finish it off with fluffy whipped cream and tempting caramel sauce.

87) Starbucks Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew

The Starbucks Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew is the perfect combination of slow-steeped Starbucks Cold Brew coffee, and vanilla, and topped with a delicate float of house-made vanilla sweet cream.

It’s over-the-top and super-smooth – you’ll love it!

88) Starbucks Iced Honey Oatmilk Latte

Starbucks’ Iced Honey Oatmilk Latte contains Blonde Espresso Roast, Oatly oat milk, honey blend, and ice.

The drink is then finished with a topping of toasted honey.

89) Starbucks Iced Cinnamon Dolce Latte

The Cinnamon Dolce Latte from Starbucks is a latte with cinnamon and dolce syrup, making it sweet. The drink itself tastes like other lattes offered by the company- nothing extraordinary, but not terrible either.

We’ve listed only a few Starbucks cold drinks however they offer plenty more cold coffee drinks.

90) Greek Freddo

The Greek Freddo is a delightful iced coffee drink that’s been enjoyed by Greeks for decades.

It’s made with fresh espresso and frothed milk, giving you the best of both worlds: the refreshment of a cold beverage with the rich flavor of a double espresso.

91) Coffee Soda

Carbonated coffee is not made by adding carbon dioxide to the drink.

Most of the time, coffee soda is a shot of espresso with seltzer and some citrus like orange peel or fruit juice.

It also has sugar or syrup added for flavor.

92) Iced Salted Honey Latte

An iced salted honey latte is one delicious beverage you need to try.

This beverage combines your milk of choice, coffee concentrate, water, sugar, and honey, topped with flaked sea salt.

93) Vegan Iced Cinnamon Mocha

If you’re vegan and craving a delicious summer latte, this iced mocha is perfect for you!

All you need are five ingredients: coffee, chocolate syrup, oat milk, and ice. It can also be made with almond milk or other non-dairy milk, making it vegan.

94) Topo Chico Iced Coffee

Some coffee lovers prefer to mix their espresso with Topo Chico, as the sparkling beverage enhances the taste of the coffee.

This is a demand that has been created by these individuals, and Topo Chico is fulfilling it.

95) Cold Brew Coffee Soda Float

A cold brew coffee soda float is a drink that combines cold brew coffee with cream and soda for a refreshing and tasty beverage.

It’s perfect for hot summer days when you need something cool and refreshing to sip on.

To make a cold brew coffee soda float, simply mix together some cold brew coffee with ice cream or cream, then top it off with your favorite carbonated beverage.

Some people like to add chocolate syrup, whipped cream, cinnamon sticks, or other toppings

96) Lemon Mint Coffee

A lemon mint coffee is a refreshing and invigorating coffee drink made by combining hot coffee with fresh lemon juice and mint leaves.

It is perfect for when you need a pick-me-up in the afternoon or early morning.

97) Cold Brew Tonic

Cold brew tonic is created with espresso or cold brew (sometimes cold brew concentrate), tonic water, and ice.

To make the drink more flavorful, some people add maraschino cherries or pomegranates.

For a brighter taste, you could also try squeezing lemon juice into it or adding a sprig of rosemary.

98) Brazillian Mocha Cola

A mocha cola is a coffee drink that is composed of espresso, cola, and chocolate syrup. It is usually served cold or over ice.

Originating in Brazil, this drink is a popular choice for those who love rich and indulgent flavors. To make it at home, simply combine equal parts espresso or cold brew with cola and chocolate syrup, stirring well until smooth and frothy.

Enjoy garnished with your favorite dark chocolate shavings!

99) Swedish Kaffelemonade

A Swedish coffee lemonade is a coffee drink that is composed of espresso, lemonade, and sugar. It is usually served cold or over ice.

Originating in Sweden, this drink is a popular choice for those who love sweet and sour flavors.

To make it at home, simply combine equal parts espresso or cold brew with lemonade and sugar, stirring well until smooth and frothy.

Enjoy garnished with your favorite lemon wedges!

100) Lavendar Espresso Tonic

This drink is a favorite among many, especially when temperatures rise and all one desires is a cold beverage to help them cool down.

Combining the robustness of coffee with the subtle lavender flavor, as well as that effervescence from tonic water makes for an irresistible summer drink.

101) Banana Milk Coffee

A cold brew with creamy banana milk tastes rich and delicious, making it the perfect good-for-you breakfast to start your day.

102) Cappuccino on Ice

If you’re looking for a delicious way to enjoy your coffee, try this variation which combines milk, half-and-half, sugar, vanilla, and creme de cacao!

Some folks prefer chocolate syrup over chocolate liqueur—it’s up to you!

103) Chocolate Peanutbutter Iced Coffee

This delicious and unique recipe begins with coffee ice cubes!

You’ll blend the ingredients of soy milk, chocolate syrup, peanut butter, vanilla extract, and no-calorie sweetener until frothy.

104) Mocha Smoothie

For a delicious mocha smoothie, blend together ice, coconut milk, coffee, sugar, hot chocolate mix, vanilla extract, and almonds!

105) Nutella Iced Coffee

Break the mold with this unique and delicious frappuccino recipe! With coffee ice cubes, a few spoonfuls of Nutella, and milk blended together, you’ll have the best drink ever.

106) Spiced Iced Coffee

Looking to lower your sugar consumption? This spiced iced coffee is the perfect drink.

Made with only natural sweetness from grated dark chocolate, this refreshing beverage contains coconut cream, cinnamon, and chili.

107) Caffè Shakerato (Italian-Style Shaken Iced Coffee)

Make this iced coffee variation next time you want to put your cocktail shaker to good use.

The Italian original calls for espresso but you could easily sub in your favorite strong coffee.

Then add sugar and ice and shake for a good 20 seconds before straining it into a cocktail glass, no ice.

108) Cardamom Rose Iced Coffee

This iced coffee drink has notes of cardamom and rosewater, giving it a beautiful Persian flavor.

To prepare the drink, you’ll need to heat milk, crushed cardamom, and rosewater in a saucepan so they’re combined.

After straining out the cardamom, chill the mixture before adding it to coffee over ice.


We hope you’ve enjoyed this roundup of 108 unique coffee drinks. Whether you’re a coffee lover or just looking for something new to try, we think you’ll find the perfect drink on this list! If you have a favorite that we missed, be sure to let us know in the comments below.

And if you decide to make any of these drinks at home, be sure to share your photos with us on social media – we can’t wait to see them!

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