5 Best 14 Cup Coffee Makers [And Why You Should Buy One]

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best 14 cup coffee maker

Here is our review of the 5 best 14 cup coffee makers.

A 14 cup coffee maker is a great machine to consider. You can make cups of coffee for either yourself or for a large group of people.

I found the Cuisinart DCC-3200P1 to be the best 14 cup coffee maker overall. It saves the consumer’s time with its self-cleaning function and has superb brewing quality over any other coffee maker on this list.

But, if you feel that this coffee maker isn’t suited for you then there are other coffee makers on this list that might be. From best budget-friendly to best glass carafe, we have it here.

SO, let’s get started:

  1. Our Best 14 Cup Coffee Makers
  2. Why Buy A 14 Cup Coffee Maker?
  3. 5 Best 14 Cup Coffee Makers Reviewed
  4. Buyer’s Guide
  5. Frequently Asked Questions
  6. The Verdict

Our Best 14 Cup Coffee Makers

Why Buy A 14 Cup Coffee Maker?

If you plan on brewing coffee for a large group of people then a 14 cup coffee maker will do the trick. Buying a 14 cup coffee maker will work great for offices, board rooms, study centers, or even cafes. However, if you plan on buying it for a household then maybe consider a smaller capacity…

You need to realize that 14 cups hold about 84 ounces of coffee which is A LOT. There are few manufacturers that make coffee makers larger than 14 cups as there isn’t a need for one.

5 Best 14 Cup Coffee Makers Reviewed

Here are our mini reviews of the 5 best 14 cup coffee makers. I will discuss the pros, cons, downsides, and reasons for buying each coffee maker:

Cuisinart 14-Cup DCC-3200P1 Coffee Maker

Best Overall


  • Quality stainless steel build
  • Small coffee batch setting
  • Programmable timer
  • Has a self-cleaning mode


  • No drip tray
  • No brewing temperature control
  • Expensive

The Cuisinart 14-Cup DCC-3200P1 is by far the best 14 cup coffee maker overall. One of the key features of this coffee maker is that it has a self-cleaning function. Other coffee makers require you to break the machine apart to deep clean it. The Cuisinart will only require one push of a button.

The biggest downside to the Cuisinart is that it is expensive. By expensive, I mean it is just under $100 which is pricey for a drip brewer. What also surprises me is that it brews quite slowly compared to other coffee makers. It also doesn’t have temperature control which is a ‘basic’ necessary feature.

The reason why thousands of people love this specific coffee maker is that it has some advanced functions. These functions are easy to operate that help make an impressive cup of coffee. If you’re looking for superb-tasting coffee and don’t want to manually deep clean your coffee maker, then the Cuisinart DCC-3200P1 is for you.

Hamilton Beach 14-Cup FrontFill Coffee Maker

Best Value


  • Auto shut off
  • Programmable timer
  • Customizable brewing sizes
  • Auto pause and serve


  • Doesn’t have drip tray
  • Struggles to brew hot coffee

The Hamilton Beach 14-Cup FrontFill is the best 14 cup coffee maker for its value. It has by far the best digital display on any coffee maker as it shows all your settings on one screen. You can adjust up to 4 different brewing sizes and choose 3 types of brewing strengths. It even has a “time since brew” freshness indicator.

There are downsides that I don’t like about the Hamilton Beach FrontFill such as not having a drip tray and it struggles to keep the coffee hot. This can be a bit frustrating if you leave a mess and have no drip tray to catch it. You’ll also need to drink the coffee pretty soon after brewing it.

What I also like about the Hamilton Beach is that it has an auto pause and serve function if you don’t plan on brewing 14 cups. It has an auto shut-off timer being able to adjust the time between 10 minutes to 4 hours. This makes the Hamilton Beach FrontFill great for its value.

Salton 14 Cup Coffee Maker

Best Budget


  • 2 hour keep warm function
  • Brew and pause function
  • Compact design
  • Reusable coffee filter


  • Design looks out to date
  • No strong brew option

The Salton 14 Cup Coffee Maker is by far the best budget-friendly 14 cup coffee maker on the market. It is more than a third of the price of the Cuisinart 14-Cup DCC-3200P1 which saves you A LOT of money. 

The one thing I don’t like about the Salton is that there is no strong brew option. Like many others, I enjoy a strong and flavorful coffee that gives a bit of a caffeine kick. I will also say that the Salton coffee maker could have a more modern design to it as it does look a bit outdated.

Other than those downsides, the Salton coffee maker comes with a reusable coffee filter. It also has a 2 hour keep-warm function, and a compact design. If you are looking for a super affordable 14 cup coffee maker then the Salton coffee maker is for you.

Brim 14 Cup Programmable Coffee Maker

Best Design


  • Programmable timer
  • Accurate brewing temperature
  • Very sturdy build
  • Adjustable brew size


  • Pricey
  • Fragile glass carafe

The Brim 14 Cup Coffee Maker is one of Brim’s newest products on the market. It has a sleek stainless steel design with a minimal look to it. What I really like about the Brim coffee maker is its brewing temperature control. Many coffee makers struggle to keep your coffee warm so this is a real upside.

Many 14 cup coffee makers have a carafe that fits comfortably inside the coffee maker. With the Brim coffee maker, the glass carafe seems to sit out of the coffee maker which is a worry if you ever had to knock it over.

The Brim 14 Cup Coffee Maker is the most premium-looking coffee maker I’ve seen and it will definitely look great on your kitchen counter. Other than its design, the Brim also has great brew saturation with its shower-head-like water disperser. If you are all for the coffee maker’s design then the Brim 14 Cup Coffee Maker is a good choice.

Krups 14-Cup EC324050 Savoy Coffee Maker

Best Glass Carafe


  • Pot will stir coffee while brewing
  • Adjustable warming plate temperature
  • Adjustable controls
  • Auto shut off
  • Programmable timer


  • Struggles to keep coffee warm

The Krups 14-Cup EC324050 Savoy has the coolest, most innovative glass carafe for a coffee maker. This 14 cup coffee maker is able to stir your dripped coffee while still extracting the rest of the coffee grounds. This coffee maker is the only one that has this feature which is why it’s so unique.

The downside to the Krups 14-Cup EC324050 Savoy is that it does struggle to keep the coffee warm. But other than that, it really is overall a great 14 cup coffee maker to have.

What I like about the Krups 14-Cup EC324050 Savoy is that it has ThermoBrew technology. This is able to extract the most flavors and notes out of the grounds. If you are looking for a cool looking coffee maker that has a fancy thermal carafe then the Krups 14-Cup EC324050 Savoy is one to go for.

Buyer’s Guide

Here is a short buyer’s guide on what to look for in a 14 cup coffee maker. This includes features, size, pricing, as well as cleaning and maintenance:


There are a few features to a 14 cup coffee maker that are essential to have. Features include brew strength, temperature control, a self-cleaning function, and more:

Brew Strength Control

When you adjust the brew strength of your coffee, you are essentially adjusting the time it takes to brew your coffee. This is a great feature to have as some people (including me) prefer a much stronger cup than the average coffee drinker. A good 14 cup coffee maker will usually have between 3 to 4 different brew strengths that you can choose from.

Temperature Control

Many people don’t realize how much of an impact the brewing temperature can have on the taste of your coffee. The hotter your coffee is, the quicker it is to extract all the flavors and notes from the ground coffee. A coffee maker that allows you to adjust the brewing temperature can be very useful. This can help in case your coffee maker brews coffee slower on average.

Self Cleaning

Some 14 cup coffee makers have self-cleaning functions which is a huge convenience when cleaning your coffee maker. Cleaning your coffee maker is essential to improving or sustaining your coffee maker’s lifespan. So a self-cleaning function will help get rid of any internal residue in our machine.

Cup Sizes

It’s convenient to have adjustable cup sizes. This will allow you to choose between brewing for a larger or smaller group of people. A very adjustable 14 cup coffee maker will allow you to adjust down to a 2-4 cup size for more individual use.

Auto Shut Off

A coffee maker with an auto shut-off feature will allow you to save a lot of power in the long run. We, humans, are forgetful at times especially when remembering to turn off our coffee makers. An auto shut-off feature will usually turn your machine off between 1 to 4 hours after use. If a coffee maker does not have an auto shut-off feature then perhaps look at another coffee maker.

Programmable Timer

A programmable timer is a convenient feature for a coffee maker that will save you a lot of time in the morning. With a programmable timer, you can set your coffee maker to a specific time to brew your coffee. This means you won’t waste time turning on your machine and choosing the type of coffee to make when running late for work.


A 14 cup coffee maker can be rather large in size compared to 6 cup or 4 cup coffee makers. It is really convenient to have a small and compact coffee maker as it can save you a lot of kitchen counter space. 


When it comes to the pricing of coffee makers, usually the more expensive you go, the better brew quality you’ll get. However, in this list, there are some affordable 14 cup coffee makers that brew a great cup of coffee without breaking your budget.

Word of warning, if you decide that these 14 cup coffee makers are too expensive for you then be careful when looking for cheaper coffee makers. Very cheap coffee makers can brew poor quality coffee. It’s better to invest in a slightly pricier coffee maker than never enjoying your cheap coffee maker.

Cleaning and Maintenance

In the features list, I spoke about coffee makers having a self-cleaning function. This is probably the most essential feature to have for your coffee maker. Not cleaning your coffee maker will result in bitter or watery tasting coffee and can take much longer for the machine to brew coffee.

When you don’t clean your coffee maker, water and coffee residue gets stuck inside the machine which causes it to use more power in order to pump water out. This will hence use more electricity and take longer to brew. 

Let’s also not forget about more frequent servicing with coffee makers. Look for a coffee maker that has a high quality build as you don’t want your machine breaking down every 2 months.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many scoops of coffee for 14 cups?

A 14 cup coffee maker will be able to make approximately 84 ounces of brew which means that you’d need roughly 3 scoops of pre-ground coffee.

How would you clean a 14 cup coffee maker?

Because 14 cup coffee makers are so large in brewing capacity, I recommend using ⅓ of vinegar and ⅔ of water in your water reservoir. 

You’d usually use an even ratio of vinegar and water to clean a coffee maker but there isn’t a need to use 42 ounces of vinegar in a 14 cup coffee maker.

Are 14 cup coffee makers worth it?

If you do not plan on brewing coffee for 7-14 people at once then I don’t recommend buying a 14 cup coffee maker. However, it is most definitely worth it if you are going to make daily coffee for large amounts of people.

The Verdict

There is no doubt that the Cuisinart DCC-3200P1 is the best 14 cup coffee maker overall. If you have the budget then you won’t regret it with its superb tasting brew quality.

As said previously, this 14 cup coffee maker may not be the best suited for you but I am sure one of the others will be!